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Beyond the Valleycliffe of the Dolls year 9!

Saturday, August 7th, 2010 Squamish BC

A complete success.

Many woke up on Saturday August 7th and saw or heard the rain and thought - there is no way in hell I'm riding today. Then there are the people this event is put on for that said hell ya I'm riding today. Although if the event wasn't on no one would have ridden because the course was nuts. there was enough rain to make the roots and teh rocks slick but not enough to dampen the dirt so you'd be slippping from rock to root to dusty powder chute - it really was fantastic.

There were no serious injuries, the fruit booth was loaded and the prizes were as legendary as ever.

SORCA also raised over a grand for search and rescue wich is cool.

NEXT YEAR is the 10th year and it is goign to be AWESOME X 10! oh yeah my friends, sponsors are already talking about how they are going to bring it on.

For those just tuning in - this event was originally created to encourage those who enjoy epic rides to join our local bike club SORCA and raise money for Search and Rescue. With that in mind this annual SORCA event has become pretty much the best no pressure group ride on technical trails only seasoned locals can find.

Beyond the Valleycliffe of the Dolls (BVOD) is a ride that involves a deluxe guided tour through five peaks in the granite maze that is the Valleycliffe area (a neighborhood of Squamish). These are technical trails not accessible by vehicle so it’s peddling and hike-a-bike to trails you simply can’t find on your own. The ride itself is a no pressure day with a great group of people and everyone is encouraged to ride at their own level. The fruit booth is back, where half way through the course we will feast on fresh melons, Gatorade, water, and plenty of smiles.

Then, like all epic rides should, it ends with a Brew Pub party (minor's welcome) where there will be food and bevy specials as well as literally mountains of great prizes and praise.

See you next year and All Hail the Sponsors!:

Dakine - NESTERS MARKET - Cynical Sunshine - Squamish Therapeudic Massage - Corsa Cycles -Tantalus Bike Shop - Galileo Coffee - Republic Bikes - The Nest - The Garibaldi Times - Lure Communications - The Chief - Funky Monkey - Arcteryx - Ultimate Promotions - Grilled Fromage

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